Technological Pipeline Systems and Steel Structure



Year of finish

WTP MálinecLime hydrate silos, 2 pcs2021
WTP KlenovecLime hydrate silos, 2 pcs2020
WWTP + ČKV airport PragueContainer hall 7,4 m x 8,4 m x 7 m2019
WWTP + ČKV airport PragueStorage tanks of Calcium monoxide (CaO)2019
WWTP Uherské HradištěCogeneration unit - implementation2018
WWTP ŽilinaCovered slude storage 73,7m x 22,5 m x 9m2014
Klatovská teplárna a.s.Plzeňská street - repair of hot air pipeline2013
Stadium in PilsenŠtrumcovy sady - hot water pipeline2013
WWTP PúchovCovered sludge storage 27m x 15 m x 6,85 m2012
WWTP RajecCovered sludge storage  22m x 15 m x 7,1 m2012

Ledvice Power Plant

Production and installation of a reverse osmosis plant


WWTP OtrokoviceRepairs of pipeline to cogeneration unit2012
WWTP HumpolecCogeneration unit -implementation2012

Water Work Ružín

Steel structures, bottom gate valves


Prunéřov Power Plant

Production and installation of a reverse osmosis plant


WWTP BreznoCovered sludge storage 23m x 11m x 9,54 m2008
WWTP Banská BystricaCovered sludge storage 43m x 20m x 12,9 m2008

WWTP Kutná Hora

Dewatered sludge tank, powder lime silo


Central WWTP Prague

Dewatered sludge tanks


WWTP Klatovy

Dewatered sludge tank


WWTP Benešov

Dewatered sludge tank